Our Board of Management

Board of Management





The Board of Management is responsible for the management of the school on behalf of the patron.

Some of the duties of the Board of Management include:

  • The appointment of teachers and ancillary staff.
  • Ensuring that the school fulfils its functions as set out in the Education Act 1998.
  • Ensuring that child protection and welfare are taken into account in all of the schools policies, practices and activities and are being implemented within the school
  • Approving school closures.
  • Ensuring the school is adequately maintained.


The Board of Management

Patron Nominee (Chairperson) - Rev. Nick Jones

Patron Nominee - Mrs. Vera Pollock

Secretary (Principal) - Mrs. Georgina Smith

Teacher Nominee - Mrs. Aisling McGovern

Parent Nominee- Mrs. Anne McDonald

Parent Nominee- Mr. Brian Brennan

Community Nominee - Mrs. Ivy Roberts

Community Nominee - Mr. Robert Sturgeon